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The 2023 Coronation project

This year will see the Coronation of King Charles III on Saturday 6th May 2023.

We invite people to observe and record any activities or events in their local area so we can piece together a picture of the country as it commemorates the Coronation of King Charles III.

Mass Observation has recorded royal events since 12th May 1937. This was the day of George VI's Coronation.

Mass Observation 12th May leaflet


Mass Observation also recorded Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation on 2nd June 1953


Childrens essay on Queen Elizabeth II Coronation 1953              Frances Line OBE Coronation Scrapbook

We are keen to find out how the 2023 Coronation is commemorated in your local area, whether you take part in any events or activities yourself and what you think and feel about the occasion.

To take part, please observe and record events in your local area over the bank holiday weekend. Your account can be written in any style and include drawings and photographs. You can also record any plans or preparations for the following events, which may include;

6th May Coronation of King Charles III

7th May Coronation Big Lunch, will see parties and community lunches held in streets, gardens, parks and public spaces across the country.

8th May Big Help Out, intended to create a lasting legacy of the coronation weekend with people encouraged to spend a day volunteering in their communities.

Your account will inform research and teaching activities and be kept alongside Mass Observation’s records of all royal events from 1937 onwards and provide an invaluable record of this historic occasion for future generations.


How to take part in the 2023 Coronation project