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Secondary outreach case

Vintage suitcase full of props relating to Mass Observation and the Second World War


Our Secondary outreach case is packed full of resources to help bring the Mass Observation Archive to life. Due to Covid 19, it is not currently available to hire, but the resources below, which are themed to support learning in different subject areas at Key stages 3 and 4, along with teachers notes, will enable students to explore Mass Observation within the classroom.

Subject areas

Key stage 3 History

Key stage 3 English

Key stage 4 History 1

Key stage 4 History 2

Key stage 4 History 3

Key stage 4 History 4

Key stage 4 Sociology

Key stage 4 Media Studies


Booklets for schools

These booklets were produced at the Archive during the 1980s. They were intended for use by 14-16 year olds but may also be helpful to students at A Level and beyond. Extracts from the booklets may be reproduced freely for educational purposes. 

download icon    The Blitz (22.73 MB)
download icon    Tom Honeyford's Autobiography of a Spinner (8.52 MB)
download icon    Evacuation (14.85 MB)
download icon    Postwar Hopes and Expectations and reaction to the Beveridge report (Paul A Thomas) (20.69MB)
download icon    Children at war (25.50MB)
download icon    Bolton Working Class Life in the 1930s: a Mass Observation anthology (ed. Peter Gurney) (50.82 MB)
download icon    Mass Observation in the 80s: Special directive, 19 April 1982: The Falkland Islands Crisis (3.30MB)
download icon    Mass Observation in the 80s: Spring directive 1987: AIDS (2.66MB)
download icon    Children's essays 1937: 'The finest person that ever lived" (11.50MB)