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Primary outreach case

primary case imageOur Primary outreach case is packed full of props and resources to help bring the Mass Observation Archive to life in your classroom. If you can't come to the archive for a school visit, why not hire the case to use in your school?

"It really bought our History element alive." Teacher, Chyngton Primary School, Seaford.

The case contains extracts from the Mass Observation Archive, which are themed to support learning in different subject areas, along with teachers notes and lots of ideas for activities in the classroom.


The Battle of Britain                                                                                

Being Prepared                                                                                     

Everyday Life                                                                                

Is it Fair?                                                                                      

New Opportunities                                                                         

Air raids

Spender's Photography

Bird Nesting Surveys

The Great Margarine Debate

What is Happiness?

What's the Weather?

MOA Wordsearch


If you would like to hire the case please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.