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Mass Observation is perfect for enriching the learning that goes on in school. We can support a range of subject areas including History, Sociology, English, Science, Mathematics, Policitics & Design.

Sessions usually last two hours and can include:Secondary page image crop

  • An Introduction to Mass Observation and what an archive is
  • A behind -the-scences tour of The Keep, with a chance to see where the documents are stored
  • Opportunity to handle original materials 

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We offer 'off-the-peg' sessions on the following themes:

We also offer bespoke sessions on other topics tailored to suit specific areas of study. 

If you can't come to The Keep for a school visit we have an Outreach resource case to hire for use in the classroom, which is full of props and learning resources. Discover more resources to use for teaching here.

CPD sessions for teachers focusing on how to use the Mass Observation Archive to enhance teaching and learning, can also be arranged.

To find out more about booking a session and our fees, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.r

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