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Dr Fiona Courage
Associate Director, University of Sussex Library and Curator of the Mass Observation Archive


I have worked with Mass Observation since 2000 alongside the other archival collections at the University of Sussex, and as the Archive’s curator I am responsible for its care and accessibility. This includes the acquisition of new material and ensuring the provision of research and learning support. I have also worked on projects to engage both the Higher Education and wider community and provide support for data collection projects. I have had the opportunity to speak about the Mass Observation Archive on many occasions, throughout the UK and further afield and have written articles on the Archive.


I have worked at the University of Sussex Library since 1994 and qualified as a Librarian in 2003. Since then I have completed a PGCert in Teaching in Higher Education and was awarded a Sussex Teaching Fellowship in 2010. I completed an Education Doctorate at Sussex in 2018, using Mass Observation as a tool and inspiration for my own research into the lifelong value of higher education.

Ms Kirsty Pattrick
Mass Observation Archive Officer


As Projects Officer, I am responsible for managing and developing the current Mass Observation Project and supporting partnership research projects across both phases of the Mass Observation Archive; generating new material, increasing its use among the academic and non-academic communities, collaborating with partners and building it's profile for learning, teaching and research. A large part of my role is teaching students in Higher Education across different disciplines, introducing them to archives and developing their research skills using this unique collection. I also support fundraising and grant making to help sustain the Charities long-term work.


I studied Contemporary History at the University of Sussex and joined Special Collections in February 2011. I previously managed oral history, reminiscence and intergenerational projects for a national older peoples Charity. In 2013 I completed my PGCert in Teaching in Higher Education. I am currently undertaking a distance learning MSc in Social Research Methods and Evaluation at the University of Huddersfield. My role is funded by the Mass Observation Archive Trust.

Ms Suzanne Rose
Education and Outreach Officer


I joined Special Collections in September 2012 and coordinate and develop the Archive’s education and outreach programme for schools and the wider community.


I have worked in arts development within the voluntary sector, schools and local authorities and have much experience of devising and delivering projects, which provide opportunities for learning and participation.

My role is funded by the Mass Observation Archive Trust.

Ms Jessica Scantlebury
Mass Observation Supervisor


My post supports all of the Mass Observation Archive’s activities, projects and collaborations, in particular, the contemporary Mass Observation Project and the acquisition of new material. I am responsible for supporting all researchers and groups using the material collected by both phases of Mass Observation and for cataloguing material within the Archive.  I also run the Archive’s lively e-mail discussion list,  Twitter account and edit the MO Bulletin.

My role is funded by the Mass Observation Archive Trust.


I joined the Mass Observation Archive in 2006, after achieving a BA degree in Cultural Studies and a MA in English Literature. Since then I have completed a postgraduate short course in Narrative Research at the University of East London and I am currently undertaking a distance learning Postgraduate qualification in Archives and Records Management at the University of Dundee. I also sit on the Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) committee


The Mass Observation Archive is currently looking to recruit two new Trustees. Find out more here

Mr Simon Garfield

Simon Garfield is the author of fourteen books of non-fiction, including four edited volumes of diaries from the Mass Observation Archive: Our Hidden Lives, We Are At War, Private Battles and Dear Bessie. He is currently at work on a new volume.

Ms Jane Harvell
Jane Harvell is the Chair of Trustees and Director of the University of Sussex Library. Her interests are in academic publishing and partnership working and for many years has been closely involved with the work of Mass Observation through a number of different roles in the Library.

Ms Kitty Inglis
Kitty Inglis worked in the academic library sector for over 20 years, latterly at Sussex as University Librarian and Chair of the Mass Observation Archive. Before taking early retirement in 2017, she was also Vice Chair of the Society of College, National and University Libraries and represented the interests of the academic library sector on a number of national and government bodies and committees.

Dr Michelle Johansen

Michelle Johansen is Interpretation Manager at Bishopsgate Institute, a library and cultural institution in London. Michelle has fifteen years’ experience of delivering archive learning sessions on modern British history, with a particular interest in everyday life and untold stories of a type documented at MOA. She has worked with all types of learners, including primary school pupils, university students, SEN groups and adult learners. As an independent scholar, Michelle researches the biographical history of public libraries. Focussing on social mobility, masculinity and self-education, her findings have been published in the London Journal, Cultural and Social History Journal and elsewhere. Michelle joined the Trustee Board in June 2019 to advise on learning and education.

Professor Claire Langhamer
Claire Langhamer is the Head of the History department at the University of Sussex and Professor of Modern British History. Her interest in Mass Observation began when she was researching for her first book, Women's Leisure in England 1920-1960. Since then MO has been central to her research and she has used it in articles on women and pubs during the Second World War, the meanings of home in mid-century Britain, adultery in the post-war period, and love and courtship. She has recently written a new book about 'everyday love' based on new and old MO. This is called The English in Love: The Intimate Story of an Emotional Revolution and is published by the OUP.

Professor Jeremy MacClancy
Jeremy MacClancy is a Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University. His research interests include popular anthropology, surrealism and anthropology, and the anthropologies of art, food, sport, and rural Europe. He is also the Director of ACCEND (the Anthropological Centre for Conservation, Environment and Development) at Oxford Brookes. Professor MacClancy joined the Trustee Board in June 2011.

Professor Dorothy Sheridan
Dorothy Sheridan studied sociology and later History at the University of Sussex. She joined the Trustee Board in 2011 having worked with the Mass Observation papers since 1974, first as assistant to Tom Harrisson, later as archivist and then Director of the Archive. She supported the launch of the MO Project in 1981 and directed it from 1990 to 2010. Between 2000 and 2008, she was Head of Special Collections in the University of Sussex Library and has enjoyed a career of teaching, researching and publishing on MO-related themes for nearly four decades. She was awarded an MBE in 1990 and is currently an honorary Professor of History at Sussex.