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Learning to Live with Risk and Responsibility: Recording of the seminar on the 19th May 2021

Learning to Live with Risk and Responsibility: Understanding Popular Responses to the COVID-19 project is led by Nick Clarke in collaboration with Clive Barnett. The project is funded by the British Academy Special Research Grants: Covid-19 Scheme (Grant No. COV19\200422).

The project investigates how people in the UK have negotiated the myriad demands made upon them during the COVID-19 pandemic to act responsibly in novel ways because of the risks their behaviour poses to themselves and others, and due to their role in complex chains of causation. Making use of contemporaneous qualitative data available through the Mass Observation Project.

A seminar series accompanies the project. This video is a recording of the first seminar on the 19th May 2021.

For more information about the project, and seminar series visit its website here.

Nick Clarke (University of Southampton) and Clive Barnett (University of Exeter) – Some lessons from the literature.

Claire Langhamer (University of Sussex) – Mass-Observing the pandemic.

Kirsty Pattrick (University of Sussex) and Jessica Scantlebury (University of Sussex) – Mass Observation’s Covid-19 collections.