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Blitz Spirit: Voices of Britain Living Through Crisis, 1939-1945

BlitzSpirit'What extraordinary voices of Britain living through crisis! A brilliant testament to resilience.' Anne Glenconner

'A stirring and evocative account of life on the home front. Full of surprises that bring a fascinating perspective on the blitz spirit.' - Deborah Cadbury, author of Chocolate Wars and Princes at War

In Blitz Spirit, Becky Brown presents a collection of entries from the diaries ordinary British people sent in to Mass Observation during the Second World War. This new collection tell the human story of the Second World War, of the individuals grappling with a world turned upside down. From panic-buying and competitively digging for victory to extraordinary acts of bravery, Blitz Spirit is a remarkable collection of real wartime experiences that represent the best and worst of human nature in the face of adversity. Find out more about the book here