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New publication - The Changing Nature of Happiness: An in-depth study of a town in North West England 1938-2016

The Changing Nature of Happiness: An in-depth study of a town in North West England 1938-2016changing happiness

Preface by Professor Sir Cary Cooper; Edited by Sandie McHugh

Chapters by Jerome Carson, Martin Guha, John Haworth, Sandie McHugh, Robert Snape, Matthew Watson & Linda Withey


What is happiness?

This book examines data collected in Bolton by Mass Observation in 1938 and by the University and The Bolton News in 2014. It covers the theory and philosophy of happiness, its close association with enjoyment and leisure and gives an insight into children’s experiences.

How is happiness measured and how can it be enhanced? The two data sets from one town 76 years apart, give a unique opportunity to compare and contrast ordinary people’s perceptions of the nature of happiness in very different economic and social conditions.


Sandie McHugh is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bolton, UK.  She originally became interested in applied psychology during a career in the civil service and as a member of the Great Britain Women’s Target Sports National Squad. Her current research interests centre on positive psychology and happiness.

Published in Pivot by Palgrave Macmillan, December 2017 (e book £35.99, hardcover £44.99) ISBN 978-3-319-65651-9


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