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BulletinAutumn17The Mass Observation Bulletin contains the latest news about our latest activities.

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In this issue:

  • Mass Observation 80th Anniversary Conference, Summer 2017

  • 12th May Diary Day

  • Beyond Boxes project update

  • ‘Being a Beyond Boxes volunteer

  • Obituary: Brian Street

  • Our History of the Twentieth Century, compiled by Travis Elborough 

  • Call for diaries: 3rd December 2017 - International Day of People with Disability
Revisiting @TheKeepArchives's blog on Fashion in the Archives, featuring Mass Observation #WW2 #Archivecatwalk
An air raid warning in the night: 'I heard bombs dropping & gunfire in the distance and screaming sirens' #WW2…
'Fashion highlights are the rouleaux of plain leather decorating the lizard skin front' -Britain Can Make It exhibi…
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